King’s College Chapel invites students, faculty and staff to embrace a collegiate life of passion, contemplation, justice, outreach and prayer.

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The King’s College Chapel creates a context for authentic community-building based on the ancient principle of “co-inherence” (a "mutual indwelling" that honours the individual in a radical embrace of the other).  We seek to practice a humility that allows us to listen deeply to the other.  As we "bear one another’s burdens” we discover our humanity.  Issues of local and global justice descend from classroom abstractions into daily existential habits of living together.  We learn how to disagree passionately whilst maintaining a loving embrace and acknowledging our dependence on one another.  Our daily prayers and liturgies are ancient and poetic in form, rich enough to shape our hearts in love to carry the most urgent sufferings and needs of our world. Students daily lead four set times of quiet contemplative prayer.  The Chapel organizes backcountry out-tripping on behalf of the College, including weekend retreats, hikes and canoe trips.  We gather for group discussions.  We provide volunteer opportunities in the community.  We are taken to profound places of healing by listening to our five choirs.