Foundation Year Programme Final Lecture 2018:

"Imagination, Friendship, and FYP"

Father Gary Thorne
Chaplain, 2006-2018


Chapel Vignettes — Nov. 2017:
Hanging Out In The King's Quad

Andrew Thorne tells why the King's Quad is one of his favourite places to hang out.

Chapel Vignettes — Nov. 2017:
The Heart of the Quad and the Heart of the Backcountry

Caora McKenna talks about her experience of the retreats during her time as a student at King's.


Dr. Daniel Brandes, the 2015-2016 Chapel Theologian, previews the March Winter Retreat. The community will come together and share a community Shabbat, learning what it means to rest and exploring some other topics in contemporary Jewish Thought.

Chapel Vignettes — Nov. 2017:
Extending Friendship Beyond the Quad

Hannah Fisher talks about the time she spends visiting Donnie, a senior resident of Northwood Care Centre.

Chapel Vignettes — Nov. 2017:
The Liberal Arts and the Halifax Community — Nov. 2017

Current student Sarah Griffin talks about her experience volunteering with St. George's YouthNet while at King's.


Benjamin von Bredow explains the Feast of Candlemas, as the King's College Chapel candles are blessed, distributed and processed, marking the child Christ's first visitation to the Temple in Jerusalem.  


King’s College Chapel Winter Retreat – MARCH 2013

A visual trip to Mersey River. Experience a King's College Chapel winter retreat.

King’s College Chapel Winter Retreat Reflections – MARCH 2013

Students, faculty and friends account their trip to Mersey River Chalets, in the beautiful wilderness of Nova Scotia.