This summer the King’s Chapel will maintain a pattern of corporate prayer on behalf of the College Community.

Feast Day Summer Eucharists

1 May, 5PM:  SS Philip and James, Apostles  (BCP, p. 274)

2 May,  5PM:  S Athanasius  (BCP, p. 312)

9 May, 5PM:  Rogation Wednesday  (BCP, p. 198)

10 May, 5PM:  The Ascension Day  (BCP, p. 201)

21 May, 5PM:  Monday after Pentecost  (BCP, p. 207)

22 May, 5PM:  Tuesday after Pentecost  (BCP, p. 209)

23 May, 5PM:  Pentecost Ember Day  (BCP, p. 210)

More Eucharists may be added as the summer progresses.

Daily Offices: Monday-Friday

Morning Prayer at 8 AM:  Said whenever an officiant is available.  (Regular officiants will not be appointed.)  Simply ring the bells at 8 AM, recite Morning Prayer as usual, and sign the Vestry Book.

Evening Prayer at 5 PM:   Students have made the commitment to officiate.  Please join the officiant if you are able. Evening Prayer will be said each weekday.

Wherever you happen to be this summer, no matter how far afield, let us pray the Offices together, along with the Theotokos and all the saints.


Monday Night Compline, May 2018

Compline will be sung by the Women’s Compline Choir on Monday nights in May at 9:30 PM.   A revised Compline schedule will be distributed before the beginning of each month.