A welcome from the chaplain


Are you Christian? Atheist? Jewish? Humanist? Muslim? Neo-Pagan? Buddhist? Zoroastrian? Rooted in Indigenous Spirituality?

Your heart will grow three sizes while you study at King’s! Your studies and your friendships will challenge you, both to enter more deeply into your own tradition, and to gain a new respect for the spiritual exercises of others.

At King’s you will find a Chaplain and a Chapel. As University Chaplain I am available to all students to encourage, advise, counsel, and offer support in your academic, social, and personal life at King’s. My office is on the main floor of the Arts & Administration Building—stop by anytime or call. (cont. below)




Below: Click to play a video shot on retreat at Mersey River in 2013.

The Chapel community runs four major retreats each year: the Cape Split Hike, the Thanksgiving Retreat, the Monastery Day-Trip and the Winter Retreat. Each trip is uniquely catered to its setting, and time of year. Take these opportunities to enjoy the wilderness of Nova Scotia. The quad can often become a bubble, especially during FYP. Escape for fellowship, solitude and the outdoors.


student-led traditions

The Chapel is yours for the taking. All activities are student-run, from worship to music-making to advocacy and outreach in the city of Halifax. At least three times a day – morning, noon, and night – you will hear a bell ringing. Most of the time, bells mean that there is an office being sung in the Chapel, in the Christian monastic tradition of framing the day with prayer. These prayer services are brief, and you are welcome to attend. The Chapel is open to all for meditation, solitude, and quiet reflection.



“The Chapel follows a model that makes it accessible and beloved to the community it serves. Easter midnight mass was always a particular highlight for me, as well as my peers. I remember being filled with a sense of solidarity and community each time I, a Catholic, would sit nestled between Anglicans and Anabaptists, Buddhists, Jews and Pagans to experience this annual celebration of renewal and regeneration.”

—Katie Toth, Alumna and Former Don of 2nd Floor Alexandra Hall

“Throughout my last four years at King’s, the Chapel has been a large part of my life—not just spiritually, but academically as well. Whether it’s an opportunity to sing in the choir, discuss the themes of the previous week’s FYP lectures, or have a Chaplain gracious enough to take part in the Jewish Sabbath with me, the Chapel has inevitably made me welcomed and more at home within the King’s community.”

—Aaron Shenkman, Alumnus and Residence Don

"I was not brought up religious, and when I came to King's I had no idea what role the chapel would play in my life. To my surprise, it became one of the most important spaces on campus for me. It is a safe environment with a strong community that makes itself available to all, celebrates beauty and tradition, and allows any and everyone to explore who they are and their relationship to the world around them.”

—Anna Dubinski, Alumna and Former of President of the KSU


our outreach

During your university years you can reach out to those who live in poverty, on the streets, or who have fallen upon hard times. SAMS, your on-campus outreach society and an ‘arm’ of the Chapel, regularly meets to volunteer at soup kitchens, mentor inner-city kids, and advocate for the homeless. As Chaplain I can also direct you to other community service opportunities in the Halifax Metro area. In addition, the Chapel sponsors an annual Reading Week Mission to Saint John, New Brunswick, where students can learn more about poverty, sustainability, and spiritual wellness in an inner-city neighbourhood.


This Year's Outreach initiatives

This year, we are partnering with Northwood, a not-for-profit organization that provides care for seniors with low-income backgrounds in the North End of Halifax. We are providing an opportunity for students to meet up with residents on a regular basis and share friendship and conversation. In most cases, students will be partnered up one-on-one with a member of the Northwood community, although other options are available. Those interested in volunteering will undergo a record check and a short interview in order to be placed in the appropriate position within the organization. This is a six month minimum commitment. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact the Chaplain.

The King's Chapel has had a long-standing relationship with the North End Youth organization, St. George's YouthNet. YouthNet provides lunches and lunch-time monitoring for children at Joseph Howe Elementary School and after-school programming for disadvantaged children and teens at St. George's Round Church Hall on Brunswick St. YouthNet programming relies heavily on the work of volunteers. YouthNet requires a weekly commitment from its volunteers, in order to provide some stability for the children. If you are interested in volunteering for this organization, please refer to their website: http://stgeorgesyouthnet.ca/ or contact the director Rosalind Curran at director@stgeorgesyouthnet.ca.


Our music

The Chapel houses two choirs: the King’s College Chapel Choir and the Capella Regalis Men & Boys Choir. In the tradition of Oxford and Cambridge, the Chapel Choir, directed by five-time Grammy winner, Paul Halley, sings some of the finest choral masterpieces written at weekly Choral Evensong (Wednesdays) and Solemn Eucharist (Thursdays) during term. Beautiful music combines with ancient liturgy as the Chapel’s expression of the College’s spirit of philosophical and theological thought. You will hear the Choir sing grace at College Formal Meals, and in their ‘King’s at the Cathedral’ concert series. You can also experience the province of Nova Scotia with them as they go on the road to sing in rural communities. Students interested in auditioning for the Choir should contact the Director at paulhalley@eastlink.ca.

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the king's chapel choir

The King's Chapel Choir is renowned for its high caliber of music. In 2013, the choir released an album entitled Let Us Keep The Feast: Music For The Church Year. The album features a selection of hymns, which trace the major feasts of the Church year. It is available on iTunes, and at the King's Co-op Bookstore.

capella regalis men & boys choir

Capella Regalis is a men and boys choir founded and directed by Nick Halley. Comprised of about 20 boys and 10 men, it is modelled on the Anglican tradition of men and boys’ church choirs. Capella Regalis rehearses in the Chapel and sings Choral Evensong at the Cathedral Church of All Saints in downtown Halifax every Tuesday at 5 pm.

the king's chorus

The King’s Chorus is non-competitive choir run by Nick Halley, which performs one concert per term. It is open to all students, faculty and friends of King’s who love making music together. The Chorus accepts members at any musical level and performs throughout the school year. Repertoire includes classical (both ancient and modern), folk, sacred and world music.


our retreats

Each term, the Chapel organizes a three-day retreat in Kejimkujik National Park. These are opportunities for students to explore Nova Scotia’s back-country, whether you choose to hike, canoe, snowshoe, paint, write, or just take a break from your studies. Chapel Retreats are centred around shared meals, discussion, and prayer with a guest poet or scholar.


Welcome to King’s and welcome to your Chapel!

Under the Mercy,

The Rev'd Dr. Gary Thorne, University Chaplain