Who We Are

The Dalhousie Anglican Society (affectionately nicknamed “DAng!") exists for people at or connected to Dalhousie University who have some level of engagement with Christian faith in the Anglican tradition. That means anything from active participation to slight interest. One might be interested in DAng as a way to explore Christian faith for the first time, or to explore faith in a setting other than a traditional parish. For Anglicans or other Christians working and studying at Dalhousie, participation in the Dalhousie Anglican society can be a way of integrating Christian community, Bible study, and the sacramental life into one’s weekly schedule at the university. One might be interested in DAng as an outreach organization, because our weekly meetings are a witness to the truth and vitality of the Christian faith in the setting of a secular university. All are welcome.

What We Do

DAng meets every Wednesday at 7:45 at the Dalhousie Multifaith Centre (See below for map) for “Wine Before Breakfast”. Wine Before Breakfast is a simple service of Holy Communion from the Book of Alternative Services, followed by a provided breakfast. Instead of a sermon, we take time to discuss the Bible readings appointed for the service, often focusing on the connections between the readings. The tone of these discussions is quiet and contemplative. We also pray together instead of using the appointed intercessions from the book. Following the readings, discussion, and prayer, the focal point of the service: the Holy Communion, in which we remember Christ’s sacrifice for us, and, by consuming his body and blood in the bread and wine, become the beneficiaries of that sacrifice. Breakfast, provided by a member of the society, follows the service. In addition to being a good meal, this is also a great time to get to know the other attendees.
On occasion, the Dalhousie Anglican Society will organize other events. In recent years, these events have mostly been “thought-lucks”, at which DAng provides the food and drink and the attendees bring pieces of text (poetry, prose, etc.) to share on a theme. We have also organized outings to community theatre productions and hosted film screenings. DAng also sponsors some events of the King’s College Chapel, and especially encourages DAng members to go on the Chapel’s retreats.


Contact the DAng President: benvonbredow@gmail.com