The Dalhousie Anglican Society

The Dalhousie Anglican Society exists for all students, faculty, and staff who study or work at Dal, especially those who practice or have an interest in the Anglican tradition of Christian worship. The Society’s main (and currently only) event is called Wine Before Breakfast – a contemporary Anglican communion service, using a liturgical form similar to what is commonly found in Anglican parish churches (from the Anglican Book of Alternative Services). Instead of a sermon, there is space to reflect together in discussion on the readings from the preceding Sunday. The service is followed by breakfast together.

Wine Before Breakfast takes place every Wednesday at 7:40 am, in room 224 of the Student Union Building.

Wine Before Breakfast is a great way to make communal prayer and contemplative Bible study part of your busy week at the university, and to form spiritual friendships beyond your home parish. If you don’t know anything about Anglicanism or Christianity, you are also very welcome! We hope that you will find Wine Before Breakfast a safe place to explore your relationship to the message and person of Jesus Christ.