“The Chapel follows a model that makes it accessible and beloved to the community it serves. Easter midnight mass was always a particular highlight for me, as well as my peers. I remember being filled with a sense of solidarity and community each time I, a Catholic, would sit nestled between Anglicans and Anabaptists, Buddhists, Jews and Pagans to experience this annual celebration of renewal and regeneration.”

—Katie Toth, Alumna and Former Don of 2nd Floor Alexandra Hall

“Throughout my last four years at King’s, the Chapel has been a large part of my life—not just spiritually, but academically as well. Whether it’s an opportunity to sing in the choir, discuss the themes of the previous week’s FYP lectures, or have a Chaplain gracious enough to take part in the Jewish Sabbath with me, the Chapel has inevitably made me welcomed and more at home within the King’s community.”

—Aaron Shenkman, Alumnus and Residence Don

"I was not brought up religious, and when I came to King's I had no idea what role the chapel would play in my life. To my surprise, it became one of the most important spaces on campus for me. It is a safe environment with a strong community that makes itself available to all, celebrates beauty and tradition, and allows any and everyone to explore who they are and their relationship to the world around them.”

—Anna Dubinski, Alumna and Former of President of the KSU